Power When You Need It

Solar Power in the Dominican Republic, Made Simple

No more “Se fue la luz.”
LuzSol makes it easy to transition from grid-tie to partial or full solar.
Everything you need under one roof: we will provide all of the necessary components and install them for you–unless you wish to do it yourself.


Power when you need it!

LightBulb_IconIt’s no secret that the local grid has issues. But you don’t have to live with daily outages and postpone important tasks. If you are ready to act:

Take Control

Affordable and Easy

HouseDollarNot only do we sell and install equipment at competitive prices, but we also offer free onsite survey, design, and engineering. LuzSol makes solar affordable

Affordable Solar

No Jargon

ContractorSpeakTell us in your own words what you would like to achieve. We deal with technical jargon and mind crushing concepts so you don’t have to. LuzSol makes solar easy.

You Ask. We Get Busy


Solar Panels
November 15, 2013

Sample Track
November 15, 2013

Sample MPPT
November 15, 2013

Sample Roof Installation
November 15, 2013

Harness Energy From The Sun
November 15, 2013

Solar Energy Keeps Your Lights On Always
November 15, 2013
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