About Us

LuzSol was formed out of necessity. I am sure you know what I am talking about: outages, outages, and yes, more outages.
So it all started when my wife and I got tired of this situation and reacted by going solar.
I used to think that I should install a couple of modules on the roof of our house, “just in case”. On second thought, I ended up installing 12. Soon after I turned off the street connection. Ya! But it’s still there, you know, “just in case”.

On this, several friends grew curious. They saw that we used the washing machine any time, and kept fans and outside security-lights on all night long, just to name a few benefits of our “hay-luz-siempre” life-style. I eventually helped them get started, and that’s how the yeast of friendship gave rise to our business.

It’s been a while, yet I can still stay there, looking at the monitor screen of my charger controller, thrilled to see all of those good, free, solar amps flowing into my batteries!

Do yourself a favor: contact us and get started. You won’t regret it.

Kindest, sun heated regards